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Producer's Kevin K. Li and Alden E. Habacon brings you "The Chinese Real Estate Show" on Omni TV starting September 2015.


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11pm - 12pm

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House my style - 我爱地产


What does it mean to be a realtor in one of the world’s hottest markets? House My Style is a half-hour docu-reality series on Omni TV that explores the booming Vancouver real estate market from a uniquely Chinese Canadian perspective.  Hosted by real estate agents Ling Qiu and Paul Wong, each episode puts them through a hands-on realtors’ bootcamp as they unpack the particular areas of real estate--from building a laneway home to selling a hotel. Watch them put their laptops down and roll-up their sleeves, as they get their hands dirty to help see things from the perspective of their potential clients who wants to either live, flip or invest. Whether it’s installing piping to revitalize a heritage home, or getting their sea legs aboard a float home, each week we’ll get them out of their comfort zone, and examine the stress of property ownership.